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System Failure. Bk 1 of Thunderstrike Diaries

  • 02/07/2024 16:46
    Message # 13377367

    A conscientious objector sapient warship

    A bioengineeered lion on the run

    A human fighting for the truth

    Strike is the sapient machine intelligence of the Human Collective Starnavy frigate Thunderstrike.  Strike's self appointed mission is to fight  human corruption, so he founded the Special Investigations Unit.  The Unit has uncovered a trail of corruption leading to Collective President Klas Jorrak.

    One of his illegal projects is the Predatorbot Programme.  Bioengineered female lion Snap was produced by that programme.  Snap's mentor there, Nyla Vatan, smuggled Snap out.  Snap has been hiding aboard Thunderstrike ever since.

    But Presidential elections are now just a Standard away, and Strike fears for the safety of Nyla and all her sisters.  His mission is to find them and take them to safety before the President can have them killed.


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