The BSFA Awards 2020 shortlist

The British Science Fiction Association is delighted to announce the shortlist of nominees for the 2020 BSFA Awards. The BSFA Awards have been presented annually since 1970. The current categories have been in place since 2001. The awards are voted on by members of the British Science Fiction Association and by the members of the year’s Eastercon, the national science fiction convention, held since 1955. This year Eastercon, ConFusion, will be held online 2nd-5th April 2021, where the winners will be announced.

The BSFA Awards ceremony will be free to attend for all BSFA members, all members of Eastercon, and all shortlisted nominees: details will be released closer to the date. Members of the BSFA will additionally receive a PDF with excerpts of many of the nominated works in advance of the convention, and a physical copy of the Awards Booklet at a later date. 

Best Artwork

Fangorn, Covers of Robot Dreams series, NewCon Press.
Sinjin Li, Cover of Eli Lee’s, A Strange and Brilliant Light, Jo Fletcher Books.
Iain Clark, Shipbuilding Over the Clyde, Art for Glasgow in 2024 WorldCon bid.

Ruby Gloom, Cover of Nikhil Singh’s Club Ded, Luna Press Publishing.
Four Black Lives Matter Murals in AR, see the QR code and credits below

Nani Walker, Four Black Lives Matter Murals in AR. Using drone photogrammetry, Nani Sahra Walker produced 3-D models of four Black Lives Matter murals as memorials to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and others killed by police. Published by the Los Angeles Times in collaboration with RYOT and reported by Dorany Pineda.

The virtual artworks can be accessed at

Best Short Fiction (under 40,000 words)

Eugen M. Bacon, Ivory’s Story, Newcon Press.

Anne Charnock, ‘All I Asked For’, Fictions, Healthcare and Care Re-Imagined. Edited by Keith Brookes, at Future Care Capital.

Dilman Dila, ‘Red_Bati’, Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction From Africa and the African Diaspora, Aurelia Leo. Edited by Zelda Knight and Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki.

Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki, ‘Ife-Iyoku, the Tale of Imadeyunuagbon’, Dominion: An Anthology of Speculative Fiction From Africa and the African Diaspora, Aurelia Leo. Edited by Zelda Knight and Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki.

Ida Keogh, ‘Infinite Tea in the Demara Cafe’, Londoncentric, Newcon Press. Edited by Ian Whates.

Tobi Ogundiran, ‘Isn’t Your Daughter Such a Doll’, Shoreline of Infinity

Best Non-Fiction

Francesca T Barbini (ed.), Ties That Bind: Love in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Luna Press.

Paul Kincaid, The Unstable Realities of Christopher Priest, Gylphi Press.

Andrew Milner and J.R. Burgmann, Science Fiction and Climate Change, Liverpool University Press.

Adam Roberts, It’s the End of the World: But What Are We Really Afraid Of?, Elliot & Thompson.

Jo Lindsay Walton, ‘Estranged Entrepreneurs’, Foundation: the International Review of Science Fiction.

Jo Walton, ‘Books in Which No Bad Things Happen’,

Please note that the two non-fiction nominees with similar names, Jo Lindsay Walton and Jo Walton, are two different people.

Best Novel

Tiffani Angus, Threading the Labyrinth, Unsung Stories.

Susanna Clarke, Piranesi, Bloomsbury.

M. John Harrison, The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again, Gollancz.

N.K. Jemisin, The City We Became, Orbit.

Gareth L. Powell, Light of Impossible Stars, Titan Books.

Kim Stanley Robinson, The Ministry for the Future, Orbit.

Nikhil Singh, Club Ded, Luna Press.

Adrian Tchaikovsky, The Doors of Eden, Tor.

Liz Williams, Comet Weather, Newcon Press.

Nick Wood, Water Must Fall, Newcon Press.

Note that there was a multiple tie for fifth place this year. The committee decided that instead of abbreviating the shortlist, all nominees would be included.


This year’s British Science Fiction Association Annual General Meeting is being held online on Discord. The Agenda and links to attend are included below:

BSFA Annual General Meeting

23rd of August at 2.30pm until 5.30pm. To be held online.

Discord Link –


1. Chair’s Report.

2. Proposal of New Constitution.

New Constitution Proposal

Old Constitution Original 

Old Constitution (OCR)

Guide to New Constitution Changes

The new constitution is being proposed for adoption and acceptance by the Association with immediate effect.

3. Submission of BSFA Accounts.

Agenda item to be led by the BSFA Treasurer.

4. Nomination and Election of Membership Officer – Luke Nicklin.

Elected a BSFA Councillor under a temporary mandate at the EGM. Luke Nicklin has been performing the duties of the membership officer over the last six months and is overseeing the transition to the new website and new database.

5. Nomination and Election of other roles.

These roles to be specified as indicated.

6. The BSFA President.

7. Diversity and Anti-Racism Motions. Proposed by Jo Lindsay Walton.

Introductory document

List of motions under item 7:

i) This Association resolves to offer support-in-kind to BAME fans of science fiction.

ii) This Association resolves to offer financial support to BAME convention-goers.

iii) This Association resolves to consult with BAME members of the UK science fiction community.

iv) This Association resolves to create the role of Diversity Officer, and for this to be an elected role.

v) This Association resolves to make charitable donations to anti-racist causes.

8. Proposals of Thanks and Acknowledgements

9. Any Other Business.

We will be conducting business using Discord’s audio channel, with a text chat channel also available for members to ask questions if they would prefer to type rather than speak.

We will be using a dot system (..) to recognise members when they want to ask a question and we will be recording the proceedings for ease of producing the minutes afterwards.

The procedure for this is below:

Standard etiquette in these meetings is to stay on mute until you’re the one speaking.

We’ll be recording the audio channel for the purposes of getting the minutes right. Everyone will be made aware of this. The recording will go to Luke for doing this and then deleted.

We’ll be operating a dot system on Discord. This means you type a dot in the chat room and that indicates you have raised your hand to ask a question. As soon as there’s a moment for that question, I’ll give you the floor. You can either say it in the audio channel or type it out and we’ll read it out and try to answer it.

With regards to motions, the process is fairly straightforward. Things are proposed, then seconded. If there is no objection, the motion is carried. If there is an objection, we go to a floor vote. To poll these I’ll be asking people to indicate their vote in the chat channel. If there are questions about a specific area of the BSFA that someone wants to answer, again, dot system. Type two dots and I’ll give you the floor.

Reaching Out – Some Opportunities, to Read/Watch/Listen

In these difficult times, you may find yourself stuck for something to read, to listen to, or to watch. Many generous writers, podcasters and other content creators are donating their work to help us all stay amused, entertained and active. The BSFA will be compiling a list of all the donated works you can access. The first few will appear below and then we will be moving them to a permanent page on the website.

So, here’s an opportunity to find a great new story, catch up with some of your favourites, or dig back into some wonderful work that you’d forgotten how much you enjoyed.

To start with, we have the wonderful open access archive of the BSFA publication Vector being produced by FANAC. There are plans for nearly sixty years of issues to be digitised into a free archive that you can read.

Access the link

The BSFA Review began life as the reviews section of Vector, and became its own digital publication in 2017. The current editor is Susan Oke.

Download issues here

BSFA member, Chad Dixon has provided links to all the BSFA interviews he has audio recorded.

Access the link

Professor Adam Roberts is our first invited guest on the BSFA Lockdown Solidarity Salon. His reading was broadcast live on 27th of March 2020. You can access the recording here.

SHORT CHANGES by Adrian Tchaikovsky and Keris Mcdonald
Access the PDF
Access the Mobi
Access the Epub

Access the PDF
Access the Mobi
Access the Epub

DOWNDRAUGHT by Gareth L. Powell
Access the PDF

Gareth is also doing regular free readings on hie website – Find his work here.

Access the Archive here

NOW WASH YOUR HANDS by Dave Hutchinson
Access the Mobi
Access the PDF

NOTHING TO ME by Danie Ware
Access the link

Access the link

AS I BREATHE – by Alexandra Wolfe
Access the link

POSSIBLE WORLDS – by Rachel Handley
Click here for Part 1
Click here for Part 2
Click here for Part 3
Click here for Part 4
Click here for Part 5
Click here for Part 6

THE SWORD OF WISIMIR – by Allen Stroud
Access the link
Start reading here

Access the link

A VERY BRITISH HISTORY – by Paul Mcauley (free from 23rd March for 5 days)
Access the Kindle ebook

2020 COLLECTION GIFT OF JOY – by Ian Whates
Access the PDF

SHEEP’S CLOTHING – by Jan Siegel
Access the PDF

Leanne Renee Hieber has put together a detailed free reading list on her website:
Access the link

Access the link

THE WIZARD’S COMING – by Juliet Mckenna
Purchase the ebook for free in EPub or Mobi format here

FRIGHTFULLY COSY – by Johnny Mains
Access the PDF

Access the Amazon link. Free for a limited time.

Access the link

Free purchase from the link

THE DATA CLASS – by Ben Jeapes
Free purchase from the link

The Radio Theatre Workshop is releasing a serialised audio edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Lost World. You can find chapter 1 here.

BSFA Member, J. R. Rooke has provided us with a poem and a short story for children.

Click here to access the PDF.
RUN LITTLE MAN – by J. R. Rooke
Click here to access the PDF

BSFA Member Karl Drinkwater has generously donated free editions of his work.

LOST SOLACE – by Karl Drinkwater
Click here to access the PDF
Click here to access the Epub
Click here to access the Mobi

BSFA London Meeting, Wednesday 26th February 2020

This month, we have Suzie Gray interviewed by F.D. Lee.

Suzie Gray, aka Suzie Geeforce, is a Spoken Word Artist, Playwright, Producer and AR (Augmented Reality) Designer from London. She has created AR poetry for SeekXR, Snapchat and Instagram as well as a standalone app, Poetal Lite. She has a PhD in Science Fiction Theatre.

Suzie’s poetry chapbook Energy (or the Art of Keeping it Together) was nominated for the Elgin Award and her poem for the crowdfunded space mission Lunar Mission One was nominated for the Rhysling Award. She composed and recorded her spoken word EP Material World in July 2019, which she has performed in London and Los Angeles. Her latest EP, Paper Dolls, will be available at the end of February.

F D. Lee is the author of the internationally bestselling fantasy series The Pathways Tree, and the award-winning SF novel In the Slip. A lifelong fantasy and science fiction fan, Faith is an advocate of self- and indie-publishing and has a PhD in English Literature and Creative Writing. She has been featured in The Independent, appeared on Radio 4 to talk about her research into genre fiction, has given a mini-TED talk on why stories matter, and has been featured as an Underground Book. @faithdlee.

Meeting Details

BSFA Monthly London Meetings (all welcome — free: you do not have to be a BSFA member to attend)


Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross, London, N1 9SD

Despite the name, it is a pub. Here’s a Google Maps link.

We’ll be in the first-floor bar, which is private.

It’s about 7 minutes’ walk from Kings Cross/St Pancras station. Or go to bus stop G in nearby York Way and catch a northbound bus number 17, 91, or 259. When it turns right into Wharfedale Road, get off at the next stop, which is opposite the venue.



6pm Fans gather
7pm: start of interview
8pm Q&A
8.15pm: book raffle (win a selection of sf novels for just £1 for 5 tickets)