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The Shetland Witch

  • 05/10/2023 07:27
    Message # 13263264

    The Shetland Witch, or, Atropos Wants Her Shears Back

    A novel by Kate Macdonald, of fantasy, modern witches, ancient mythic creatures, a very dangerous artefact, archaeology and wild weather in Shetland. 

    I'm publishing this novel on Substack, free to subscribe, in weekly instalments of about 1000 words each, to arrive direct to your email inbox as well as being browsable on the substack site:

    There will eventually be a paid/pledging option for which paying subscribers will be sent the episodes of a couple of world-building novellas. But the novel itself is 90% likely to remain free.

    I wrote The Shetland Witch from summer 2019 to November 2021. My agent has been sending it with great enthusiasm to editors ever since, but the publishing world is swamped with covid novels. While it's very nice to read the fulsome feedback from the editors, nobody has offered me a contract, and I am now tired of waiting. I'd rather have the novel read!  If any publisher is interested, that would be nice. Do get in touch.


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