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BSFA Review: Strange Attractors by Jaine Fenn

29/06/2024 09:18 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Strange Attractors cover

Strange Attractors by Jaine Fenn

(Newcon Press, 2023)

Reviewed by Steven French

This is a delightful collection of fifteen short stories, of which all but one has been published previously elsewhere. The last, ‘Sin of Omission’ is one of the best in the collection, depicting on one hand, a shriver who takes on the sins of the dying, thereby denying herself eternal communion with the Empress and, on the other, a golem on a mission. It is how the paths of these two characters come together in a revelation of the true culture in which they operate, that illustrates the care in which these tales have been crafted.

Not that this should come as much of a surprise to the readers of this magazine. Fenn won the BSFA short fiction award a few years ago with her gay awakening story, ‘Liberty Bird’, set in a world of privileged clan scions racing space-yachts through the ion-streams of a gas giant.

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Review from BSFA Review 23 - Download your copy here.


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