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BSFA Review: A House with Good Bones by T. Kingfisher

22/03/2024 09:28 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

A House with Good Bones cover

A House with Good Bones by T. Kingfisher

(Titan Books, 2023)

Reviewed by Susan Peak

T. Kingfisher, the author, also writes as Ursula Vernon. As Ursula Vernon, she writes children’s graphic novels, notably the Dragonbreath series, while as T. Kingfisher she writes adult horror fiction. Her 2020 book, The Twisted Ones, won the Dragon award for Best Horror Novel. This book is described as US Southern Gothic; it is creepy but doesn’t tip over into full-on horror. I found it to be an engaging book, well written, with distinct characters and a strong storyline. At 259 pages it’s easily read in one sitting.

The story is set in North Carolina, in an ordinary subdivision (a village, from the context), with fairly new houses that are becoming somewhat dilapidated—this helps to set the atmosphere. Samantha Montgomery is the protagonist, coming back to the family home when there is a break in the archaeological dig she is involved with. The Gothic element starts promptly with a vulture on the mailbox of her mother’s home; the vulture theme continues throughout the book.

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