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BSFA Review: The Hollows: A Storm is Coming by Daniel Church

06/01/2024 09:38 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

The Hollows cover

The Hollows: A Storm is Coming by Daniel Church

(Angry Robot, 2023)

Reviewed by Steven French

The opening pages of this ‘folk horror’ novel are strongly reminiscent of a scene from the BBC tv series Happy Valley: a middle-aged policewoman, carrying the weight of personal tragedy on her shoulders, is looking at a snow-covered body in an isolated valley in the Peak District, just a couple of days away from the winter solstice. For Ellie Cheetham, local constable in the village of Barsall, this is not such an unusual occurrence as people sometimes come to grief in the harsh terrain. However, this is no lost hiker or poorly prepared tourist, this is a local man, one Tony Harper, a member of the clan of miscreants and troublemakers who live on a nearby farm. And bizarrely, he froze to death, knife in hand, with a mysterious symbol drawn in charcoal on the rock behind him.

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Review from BSFA Review 21 - Download your copy here.


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