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You are joining the British Science Fiction association Ltd (a company limited by guarantee under the UK Companies Act 2006). Under section 6 of its Memorandum of Association (i.e. the BSFA’s “constitution”), you may be liable as a member (or up to one year after your membership ceases) — should the Association be liquidated — for up to £1 towards its liabilities.

Join or Renew


Please note: we aim to respond to all membership requests as soon as we can. All BSFA officers are volunteers, and a response to any query may take time, for example, if the officer is travelling to a convention, or is on vacation. We aim to answer all queries within two weeks, so please allow this time for a follow-up.

If you are joining or renewing around awards time, don’t worry: you are eligible to nominate and vote as soon as you’ve paid your membership fee, even if you haven’t been assigned a membership number yet.


The UK concessionary rate of £20 is available to the unwaged, pensioners, and students.


To buy a BSFA membership as a gift, contact the Treasurer.

Why join the BSFA?

The benefits are wide-ranging, but we have listed a few here to give you an idea of what being a member of the BSFA enjoys:

1. The Community of Fans

The BSFA was initiated by a group of fans in 1958, and was soon established and run as an official national body by readers, authors, booksellers and publishers with the aim of appreciating and encouraging science fiction in every form.  Many famous authors, critics, editors and publishers have been members through its history and many more continue to be today. Being a member of the BSFA puts you in touch with like-minded people across the country and beyond; whilst linking you to a rich tradition and enabling you to contribute to a vibrant future.

2. Exclusive Magazines

The BSFA publishes magazines periodically throughout the year. As well as publishing articles for free online, we produce Vector and Focus, two high quality print magazines, sent out regularly and exclusively to BSFA members.

3. Support and Advice for New Writers

The BSFA is committed to encourage new writers of science fiction and speculative fiction in general. To this end the organisation devotes one of its publications, Focus to providing practical advice and information from established authors and industry experts.

In addition, the BSFA runs the Orbiters series, workshopping groups where writers can regularly submit their work to gain constructive critiquing from their contemporaries and also contribute their thoughts on the work of others. The BSFA will also be announcing further special events to encourage and promote new writers.

4. Keeping Up to Date With Events

The BSFA website provides newsflashes from the world of science fiction, literary awards, book news, interviews, and all sorts of related events. Members will also receive a regular newsletter.

5. The Ability to Vote in the BSFA Awards

The BSFA awards are among the most significant genre awards anywhere. One of the factors that makes the awards so special is that they are not decided by a panel of judges behind closed door, but in an open vote by the wider membership of the BSFA. Have you ever looked at the winner of an award and thought, “That’s ridiculous! Book B should have won”? Well, join the BSFA and you can influence the outcome next time around.

6. Affordable Membership Fees

The BSFA is a non-profit making organisation. Every penny of membership fees is utilised to provide services and benefits to our members.

7. Looking Towards the Future

We are looking to do more regional events around the UK, including author talks, and spoken word, and produce more exclusive publications.

8. Annual General Meetings

BSFA members have the right to attend, contribute, and to vote at our Annual General Meeting, helping to steer the organisation into the future.



18 thoughts on “Join the BSFA (or renew your membership)

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  6. I’ve joined today (January 2015). I also have no idea if I’m a proper member or not as I’ve received no email after paying via paypal. If you can enlighten me, Sam, I’d be most grateful, or if someone else with knowledge of the procedure chips in, that’d be good too.


    Adrian Ellis.

  7. Hi! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have received an email from Dave Lally with information about my membership. Looking forward to being involved with the BSFA!

    Cheers, Adrian.

  8. I paid up on 3 Feb and have had nothing bar the PayPal receipt and this is the fourth message I have left inquiring.

    Can someone please le me know what the story is?

    • Hi Ascalon, Sorry we haven’t replied sooner; this is the first one I’ve been aware of. Leaving comments here isn’t necessarily the best way to get in touch with the committee; people usually use the contact form for that.

      However, if you notice some of the comments above you’ll see that it sometimes takes a little while before you hear from the membership secretary. A month is a bit long, though.

      If you let me know your name (you can do it privately via the contact form) I’ll forward your details.

  9. Hi Martin,
    thanks for the response.
    It was the contact form I had used and had received any response.

    Will use the contact form now.

    Thanks again,

  10. I paid over a month ago and have received no communication whatsoever regarding my subscription. I’ve submitted two contact-me forms in the meanwhile, but have received no update on those either.

    I would enjoy being a member of the bsfa, but if it is this hard to process a request to join, I might reconsider and ask my £29 back. Could someone reach out to me, please?

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