BSFA Tweetfiction Tweetstream Eastercon 2012 winners

(You can download this announcement as a PDF.)

Thank you to all who took the time to compose tweets during Eastercon 2012.

In the end hundreds of tweets were posted and we certainly achieved our objective of releasing people’s creative side – and then some!

Our intention was primarily to allow everyone to have some fun with this – whether as a contributor or as a reader.

However, we also set this up as a “competition” and we have spent the last few months reading them and discussing them and debating them and in the end we have chosen the following three tweets which stood out and so have achieved the accolade as our


Eastercon Tweetfiction Winners!

Australia remained upside-down and Greenland was nowhere to be seen, but Lily decided it was close enough and declared the world saved#TBSFA


As the last spaceship left earth, the dodo reemerged to turn down the heat. Mission accomplished. #TBSFA


I remember when this was all cities. #TBSFA


The following are just a taster of hundreds of others that were particularly worthy of note:

@davidwhitton Lady Olga spat. “Unicorns,” she said. She wiped the blade on her sleeve, picked up the head. “Everyone thinks they’re so sweet.” #TBSFA


@EffinSpaceCadet The trouble with doppelgängers is that they’re never content to coexi- #TBSFA


@jadamthwaite 88 years later, the last human gone, the trees unfurled their branches and stretched their roots. The waiting was over. #TBSFA


@adiplotti “Continue until ‘no stopping’ sign”, said the GPS. “Turn left. Crash through gate.” I became suspicious at “steal prototype”. #TBSFA

@steven_moffat The worm became an idea, which hid itself in words, until it could climb, devouring all, through the eye of the reader of this tweet.#TBSFA


Colin Baker (via email)

“Do not press this!”? What could happen that’s so bad? Here goes! !seog ereH ?dab os s’taht neppah dluoc tahW ?”siht sserp ton oD” #TBSFA


@Lucifal Flames spattered from his dragon’s nose as Benson dismounted the blue. “Sweaney,” he sneared, flashing the warrant. “You’re nicked.” #TBSFA


@sjmacmillan An odd request, but she sent him the pillow she dreamed on. He tore the pillow to bits, ate it, and became the stuff of her dreams. #TBSFA


@FrontLip .yrtne-er rof eraperp ,muM .uv ajed cinorhc evah tub yad yreve regnuoy m’I .desrever neht dednapxe esrevinu eht :thgir saw snikwaH #tbsfa

The contributions were varied; serious, humorous, thought provoking, poetic, ingenious and always entertaining. Many contributors provided multiple entries and complained of being totally absorbed by it and addicted to producing fiction tweets – mission accomplished!

We intend to produce a booklet containing more of the 1200+ tweets generated in the future so you can all catch up on some you may have missed during the con.

As a result of the very positive feedback we will be revisiting #tbsfa and later this year we will be triggering themed #tbsfa events – look out for the announcements and once again



for having fun and making this inaugural tweetathon a success.

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