BSFA Awards

Current status: We have announced the longlists for the BSFA Awards for works published in 2019, and voting is now open for which works proceed to the shortlist. The deadline for votes is midnight at the end of 31st January 2020. If you are a BSFA member you may vote here:

The BSFA Awards for works published in 2019 will be presented at the 2020 Eastercon, Concentric.

Nomination suggestions

In addition to the formal nomination and voting, we maintain a list of suggested reading. Anyone may add to this – and you can make as many suggestions as you like. This suggested reading list is intended to encourage discussion and alert members to worthy titles they may have missed. Please feel free to add eligible works here:

Further information

The BSFA Awards are awarded each year to the best Novel, work of Short Fiction, Artwork and work of Non-Fiction as voted for by the members of the British Science Fiction Association.

For the full rules and timetable visit this page:

For a list of past winners visit this page:

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