Vector 270, Focus 58 and BSFA Awards booklet 2011…oh my

It is official. The BSFA’s March mailing has hit the printers. The magazines will be dropping through letter boxes around the world very soon. Here is a quick insight into what you will find in our latest offering: Free to all members. Join now and don’t miss out.




Featuring all the shortlisted short stories…

  • The Silver Wind by Nina Allan
  • The Copenhagen Interpretation by Paul Cornell
  • Afterbirth by Kameron Hurley
  • Covehithe by China Miéville
  • Of Dawn by Al Robertso


All the science you don’t need to know
Think writing hard sf is difficult? Just get the basics right, says Alastair Reynolds

Fighting for words
Dev Agarwal explains why a good fight scene is about more than choreography.

Masterclass 9: What I know
In the last of his regular articles, ChrisPriest offers sage advice.

One vial or two
C John Arthur on doing biochemistry for real. It’s not much like CSI 

Writing The Other

Clarke Award-winning author Lauren Beukes says that if you want to write the other convincingly, you need to ask questions. 

Over the wall

Gary Budgen wonders why class isn’t a more important issue for writers. 

To plug or not to plug?  

Should authors promote their own works. Juliet E McKenna says it is good for readers and good for business. 

Learning to love learning

Paul Graham Raven returns with the latest update from his Masters adventure. 

Poetry in a SF magazine?

The new Focus poetry editor, Charles Christian, discusses sf poetry.



BSFA Reviewers’ Poll – The Best of 2011
Edited by Martin Lewis

2011 in Pictures
Jonathan McCalmont

From Outcasts to Black Mirror: British SF Television 2011
Alison Page

Gaia Beware: Infertility in Science Fiction due to Bioterrorism, Pollution and Accidental Iatrogenic Events
Victor Grech with Clare Thake-Vassallo and Ivan Callus

Modern Marvels: The Fairy Tales of Victorian Science and Technology
Melanie Keene


Kincaid in Short: Paul Kincaid

Picture This: Terry Martin

Resonances: Stephen Baxter

Foundation Favourites: Andy Sawyer


In this issue Adam Roberts reviews The Weird, Shaun Green looks at small press novellas, Maureen Kincaid Spellar considers Danish SF, Dan Hartland reads a book of essays on Stanislaw Lem, Paul Kincaid discusses Kim Lakin-Smith’s debut novel and much more…

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  1. Has the Vector 270 mailing gone out yet? If so, it hasn’t arrived. Is this going to be another year where the booklet of shortlisted stories arrives too late to read before voting, for those of us unable to attend Eastercon?

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