Vector 268 – Diana Wynne Jones special.

Table of contents:


2011 BSFA Awards

Donna Scott

An Excerpt from a Conversation With Diana Wynne Jones

Charlie Butler

Translating Diana Wynne Jones

Gili Bar-Hillel Semo

The Mistress of Magic

Meredit MacArdle

On Scree: Two Filmed Versions of Books by Diana Wynne Jones

Gill Othen

Diana Wynne Jones: A BSFA Discussion

Farah Mendelson & Charlie Butler, transcribed by Shana Worthen

Infertility in Science Fiction as a Consequence of Warfare

Victor Grech with Clare Thake-Vassallo & Ivan Callus


Stephen Baxter

Kincaid on Short: The Heat Death of the Universe

Paul Kincaid

Foundation Favourites: Forbidden Planet

Andy Sawyer

Now and Then: Invisible Words

Terry Martin

The BSFA Review

Edited by Martin Lewis

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