Vector #261 Out Now

The latest mailing to BSFA members should have arrived with BSFA members by now. Not only the latest copy of Vector (#261) but also a free book by Colin Harvey called Wintersong published by the wonderful folk over at Angry Robot

"thedrought" Vector TOC:

Torque Control - Editorial
The BSFA Awards - by Donna Scott
Landscapes From a Dream: How the Art of David Pelham Captured the Essence of J. G. Ballard's Early Fiction - by James Pardey
A Benign Psychopathology: The Films of J. G. Ballard - by Jonathan McCalmont
J. G. Ballard's CONCRETE: Thoughts on High Rise and Concrete Island - by Lara Buckerton
An Interview with José Carlos Somoza - by Ian Watson
First Impressions - by Kari Sperring
Progressive Scan: Ashes to Ashes, Season 2 - by Abigail Nussbaum
Foundation's Favourites: The Voices of Time by J. G. Ballard - by Andy Sawyer
Resonances #57 - by Stephen Baxter
The New X: Careening - by Graham Sleight

BSFA Members also receive the latest offering from Colin Harvey called Wintersong published by Angry Robot

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