The Website and Memberships

If you joined the BSFA around Easter 2018 (including rejoining or renewing your membership), you might have subsequently tried to make changes using the website. You’ll have found that you were unable to. Most likely, you will not have been able to log on.

During that period (approximately 28th March to 12th April) we launched a new version of the website with features allowing members to maintain their own details such as their address. Subsequent problems meant that we had to switch back to an older version of the site, without those features.

The key difference is that your membership is no longer directly linked to an account on the website. This is back to the way it has been for as long as we have had a website, where a user account on the site is completely independent of membership. That’s not ideal, and not the way we want it to be, but is the reality for now.

At some point we want to reintroduce the new capabilities, but for now, please continue to use the following ways to get in touch with the committee.:

  • Change of address: use the “Change your address” form. Please include your membership number if you know it, and if not, then your name and post code.

  • Membership payments, including renewals: use the “Join the BSFA” form

  • Other membership queries: email

  • Enquiries about Vector magazine: email

  • General enquiries: use the general “Contact Us” form

  • Creating a user on the website: this lets you comment on posts or use the (largely moribund) forums. We had to disable the ability to do this yourself because of spam. Please use the contact form, as above, and I’ll set up an account for you.

  • You can also contact us via Twitter or our Facebook group

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