The Serene Invasion – Eric Brown

Award winning author Eric Brown has created a revolutionary vision of first contact to Solaris with a thrilling new novel that gets to the heart of human nature through the lens of cutting-edge science-fiction.

There are here.. and we are not ready


In 2025, the Serene arrive from Delta Pavonis V, and change mankind’s  destiny forever. The gentle aliens bring peace to an ailing world – a  world riven by war, terrorism and poverty, by rising conflicts over  natural resources – and offer an end to need and violence. But not everyone supports the seemingly benign invasion. There are those who benefit from conflict, who cherish chaos, and they will stop at nothing to bring back the old days.

When Sally Walsh is kidnapped by terrorists and threatened with death, it seems that only a miracle can save her life. Geoff Allen, photo-journalist, is contacted by the Serene and offered the opportunity to work with the aliens in their mission. For Sally, Geoff, and billions of other citizens of Earth, nothing will ever be the same again…

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