The Cinema Museum – a new home for Sci-Fi movies?


Mark Egerton, one of the many fine volunteers at The Cinema Museum in London, is looking to make the landmark a home to Sci-Fi movies and its passionate fans. After putting together a season of Star Trek movies, Mark has big plans – so long as he can get the support of his fellow fans and film buffs.

“I was waiting ages for someone to put on Star Trek : The Motion Picture so in the end I made it happen myself – and programmed the season having realised that there were seven main crew members in Star Trek and seven movies that mainly featured these actors – so I thought…why not have double bills with a Star Trek teamed up with a film starring or directed by one of the seven actors,” said Mark.
“Beyond this I want the season to be a success so that it can be continued and we establish Sunday afternoons as a Sci-Fi slot at the museum. I’d love to screen complete runs of UFO and Babylon 5 – so would like to show TV as well as film. But I need bums on seats.”

If you’re a fan of great Sci-Fi movies check out the blurb below and follow the link to see more about this fantastic project.

The Cinema Museum is delighted to salute the original seven crew members of Star Trek with seven double bills – the Star Trek movies from The Motion Picture through to Generations paired up with individual movie projects starring, or directed by, one of the actors.

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