The BSFA @ Eastercon

It is that time of year once again when we all get the opportunity to gather at the annual Eastercon convention. The BSFA will be there as usual in anticipation of the BSFA Awards and the BSFA Lecture.

We will also be dicsussing the BSFA Survey that should have reached all our members by now.

So please come along and help us celebrate the awards and get involved in some lively discussions:

BSFA Survey of British SF Writers – the Conclusions. 5pm-6pm.
Room 12. Over eighty British writers were asked questions such as, ‘How British do you think your work is?’, ‘How is it received elsewhere?’, and ‘Do you consider your work to be SF or fantasy, and if so why?’ A panel of readers discuss the results. Claire Brialey, Niall Harrison (mod), David Hebblethwaite, John Jarrold and Caroline Mullan.


BSFA Lecture: 2001 and the Narratology of Transcendence. 4pm- 5pm. Connaught. Why does film, the most vivid and visceral of narrative media, struggle to capture the deepest, most powerful SF experiences?
The bizarre untold story of the script of 2001, and the strange trajectory of screenwriting theory since, suggest why SF film remains trapped on
BSFA Awards. 6pm-7pm. Commonwealth. The British Science Fiction Association Awards, hosted by Ian Watson and Donna Scott. Iain M.
Banks, Mike Carey, Alastair Reynolds, Donna Scott, Ian Watson and Liz Williams.

Also of interest:

Announcement of the 2010 Hugo Award Nominations. 10pm-11pm.
Connaught. The 2010 Hugo Awards will be presented at Aussiecon 4, the 2010 Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia. The list of nominations will be announced live by this year’s Hugo Administrator, Vincent Docherty, here at Odyssey. The Hugos are considered by many to be the SF’s top award for achievement and there will be wide interest in the results. Come along to make the announcements a big event and to congratulate any nominees who are here at the con! Vincent Docherty.

NewCon Press and Constable & Robinson Book Launch. 6pm-7pm.
Royal C+D. Four new titles are being launched. Free drinks plus discounts on books, with many of the contributing authors present to sign and dedicate. David L Clements, Una McCormack, Gareth L Powell, Ian Watson and Ian Whates.
And as always we will have a table in the dealers room where you can buy back copies of our magazines and talk to us face to face.

We hope to see you there.


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