The BSFA Award for Artwork – Longlist

Since I was a child, I have been inspired by science fiction art. The images I saw on the covers of books, as film posters, on television and more, fired my imagination. I wondered who lived on those mysterious worlds, who piloted those incredible spaceships and thought about the stories of their lives.

In the last thirty years, our access to imagery has increased exponentially, as has our ability to create through a vast array of different processes. But, even with access to this diversity of content, we can still recognise art and the incredible gifts that lead to the crafting of masterworks that encourage new generations of children and adults to dream.

The long list nominations represent the works recognised by members as being a significant achievement during 2020. If you are a nominee and would like to reach out, please get in touch at

  • Art for Glasgow in 2024 WorldCon bid by Iain Clarke (Shipbuilding Over the Clyde) – Interview / Link
  • Cityscape by Myriam Wares – Link
  • Cover of Aliya Whiteley’s GreensmithLink
  • Cover of Dark River by Rym Kechacha
  • Cover of Eli Lee’s A Strange and Brilliant Light by Sinjin Li – Link
  • Cover of Hag: Forgotten Tales RetoldLink
  • Cover of Hao Jingfang’s VagabondsLink
  • Cover of Ian Whates’s Dark Angels Rising by Jim Burns
  • Cover of Judge Dredd Megazine #426 by Tim Napper
  • Cover of Juliana Rew’s (ed.) Gotta Wear Eclipse Glasses by Keely Rew
  • Cover of M. John Harrison’s The Sunken Land Begins to Rise Again by Micaela Alcaino
  • Cover of Mary South’s You Will Never Be Forgotten by Jamie Keenan – Link
  • Cover of Nature 22 October 2020 by Paul Klee (‘Vaccine Design’)
  • Cover of Neal Asher’s Lockdown Tales by Vincent Sammy – Link
  • Cover of Nick Wood’s Water Must Fall by Vincent Sammy – Link
  • Cover of Nikhil Singh’s Club Ded by Ruby Gloom – Link
  • Cover of Patrick Ness’s Burn by Alejandro Colucci
  • Cover of Robot Dreams series by Fangorn (NewCon) – Link
  • Cover of Sayaka Murata’s Earthlings
  • Cover of Shoreline of Infinity 17 by Siobhan McDonald – Link
  • Cover of Shoreline of Infinity 18 by Jackie Duckworth – Link
  • Cover of Shoreline of Infinity 19 by Stephen Daly – Link
  • Cover of Storm Constantine and Wendy Darling’s (eds) Para Mort by Ruby
  • Cover of The Breach by M.T. Hill
  • Four Black Lives Matter murals from LA rendered in VR/AR by Walker, Belisle, Hale, Hume, Brown, Shplinton, Misteralek, Grammer, and Garcia – Link
  • Illustration for Val Nolan’s ‘Make America Great Again’ by Richard Wagner – Link
  • Ponte La Mascara! by Noe Leyva (interior art for Cortex Prime RPG rulebook)
  • Samraaji Skyhavens by Steven Sanders (interior art for Terra Oblivion RPG rulebook, p. 42)
  • Shing Yin Khor’s series of famous artworks re-created in Animal Crossing – Link

Over the next few days, we will be in contact with long list nominees and wherever possible, updating this page with links to samples of as many of these works as we can.

Voting for the shortlist will open on the 18th of January for BSFA members, and will close on 5th of February. The final vote will then open, and the winner is planned to be announced at this year’s Eastercon, ConFusion.