Terry Jeeves Passes Away

Terry Jeeves, who died on 29 May, was one of the 36 fans who attended the meeting at the 1958 Kettering Eastercon which led to the foundation of the BSFA. When a committee was assembled he became joint-secretary with Eric Bentcliffe and when Ted Tubb resigned after the first issue he took over production and editing of Vector #2-4 (the title had also been his idea). He was elected vice-chairman of the Association in 1961 and chairman in 1962.

Terry had become a dedicated science fiction fan in the 1930s. He joined the RAF in 1941 — he later claimed he had volunteered for overseas duty because you couldn’t get sf in Britain during the War — and after being demobbed in 1946 he began to get involved with fandom. His first fan cartoons were published in the late 1940s and his first professional sale appeared in Nebula #4 (Autumn 1953) illustrating

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