BSFA London: Gavin Smith interviewed by Stephen Deas 22nd May

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Usually the 4th Wed of each month (excl Dec). Fans meet from 18:00 in the main downstairs bar. The event starts at 19:00 -though some regulars go upstairs earlier. Interview starts ~19:15.

This month’s meeting will be held upstairs at Central Station, 37 Wharfdale Road, King’s Cross, N1 9SD 

Hot food available. SF Book raffle* (tickets 5 for £1)

Our guest for 22nd May is Gavin Smith.

Gavin is a Scottish author, who has a number of books under his belt, including the Veteran series (the first of which was nominated for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel) and the Bastard Legion series.
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Gavin will be interviewed by Stephen Deas. Stephen is a prolific author whose books span historical fiction, science fiction and fantasy, including the Fateguard series, the Thief-Taker’s Apprentice series, the Silver Kings series and the Memory of Flames series.

See the source imageTogether, Stephen and Gavin write as Gavin Deas to produce novels in the Elite: Dangerous universe.


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8th June – BSFA & SFF Mini convention & AGM, Imperial College London – 10am-5pm.

26th June – London author event at Central Station, guests TBA.

The Age of Scorpio – Gavin Smith

theageofscorpioGavin Smith’s work has garnered some astounding and well deserved praise and he is fast becoming a big name in Sci-Fi. His stand-alone novel, The Age of Scorpio, continues to prove just how imaginative and thrilling a writer he is in this fast-paced epic novel.

Of all the captains based out of Arclight only Eldon Sloper was desperate enough to agree to a salvage job in Red Space. And now he and his crew are living to regret his desperation.

In Red Space the rules are different. Some things work, others don’t. Best to stick close to the Church beacons. Don’t get lost.

Because there’s something wrong about Red Space. Something beyond rational. Something vampyric . . .

Long after The Loss mankind is different. We touch the world via neunonics. We are machines, we are animals, we are hybrids. But some things never change. A Killer is paid to kill, a Thief will steal countless lives. A Clone will find insanity, an Innocent a new horror. The Church knows we have kept our sins.