Suggest Items for BSFA Awards

Members may already be aware that nominations are now open for the BSFA Awards until January 31st.

We have made some changes to the nominations process, limiting the number of nominations members can make in each category to just 4, and so we thought it would be useful to also have a suggestions form where anyone can make suggestions for things that are eligible for nomination.

The form to make your suggestions is located here.

Items, as they come in, will be listed here.

We will add a link for this suggestions list and form to the Awards page.

Who can make suggestions?

Absolutely anyone, and it doesn’t even matter if you have an interest in the category. You can be the writer, illustrator or publisher. You can be the suggested person’s mum. Or, you can just be someone who has read and loved a book, story or article, or seen a cover you liked the look of. You don’t have to be a BSFA member to suggest anything either. This list is there to give BSFA members an idea of what may be eligible. It will not influence the results in any other way than making sure that BSFA members can see your suggested item in a list, making it less likely for them to forget about it.

Items will appear in the list almost immediately after you have clicked submit, and we will need to check and tidy them up when we can. Do let us know if you see anything amiss that we don’t seem to have tidied up in a timely manner – there’s a corrections section to the form.

Our immense gratitude goes to member Stephen Theaker who helped us put this form together.


Happy suggesting!

Not the Booker – Your Chance to Vote on the Shortlist

The longlist for The Guardian‘s annual ‘Not the Booker’ prize is out – and organiser Sam Jordisan is looking for genuine readers and lovers of fiction from the list to help draw up the shortlist.

With several works of speculative fiction on the list, who knows, maybe some of these will make the coveted shortlist…

Example works that may be of interest to BSFA members include:

Kate Atkinson – Life After Life
Brian Catling – The Vorrh
Andrew Crumey – The Secret Knowledge
Jonathan Grimwood – The Last Banquet
Christopher Priest – The Adjacent
Jess Richards – Cooking with Bones
James Smythe – The Machine
Marcel Theroux – Strange Bodies
Plus many more great books – see the website.
In order to vote, you must submit or have already submitted a review of the books to which you can link. You must vote for two books, and they must be from different publishers. Apart from that, it’s up to you!
Votes must be submitted by midnight 11th August.