If you want to contribute to Matrix simply follow the link below and complete the form. All articles require approval and may be edited.

We will consider any content including but not limited to SF features, film reviews, news, events, new releases and announcements.

Please remember that Matrix deals primarily in SF media, news and announcements.

You do not need to be a BSFA Member, but you do need to be logged into the website.

Please note: To help with the editorial and approval process please include the following information in the content field.
Real Name: For our records in case we need to contact you. This is only required if you have not completed your real name in your profile.
Published By: This can either be your real name or a screen name. This will be the name that readers will see. If you would rather we publish it on your behalf then please specify Matrix as the Published by name.
Published Date: If this was previously published or you want it to be published on a specific date in the future.
Previously Published: If your content has been previously published please specify where. This may have been a previous BSFA publication or your own blog/website for instance.
Source: If this is a piece of news or an event that you found somewhere else, please state the source.

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Any questions please email us webadmin at bsfa dot co dot uk


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