Spacetacular! Space Comedy, Science And Tin Foil Land In The West End


Helen Keen, an award winning comedian, is bringing a sci-fi themed comedy mash-up to the stage in the West End. The show runs at the Leicester Square
Theatre on Jan 27th at 7.30pm. And, with a little help from the UK Space Agency and a host of TV presenters, comedians and musicians, Spacetacular! will surely be out of this world.

London’s West End isn’t normally thought of as a hotbed of science and
exploration, but an out-of-this-world variety show will soon bring a
different kind of star performance to the capital’s entertainment

Spacetacular! is quite possibly the first stand-up
comedy/science/fancy dress/variety/quiz show entirely themed around
outer space. Acts will include space scientists, TV presenters,
comedians, musicians and others passionate about the exploration of
our universe. Already confirmed on the bill are Chris Lintott (The Sky
at Night), Dr Kevin Fong (Horizon), and Hanny Van Arkel, a young Dutch
school teacher who in 2007 discovered an entirely new type of
astronomical object (now known as Hanny’s Voorwerp) plus there’ll be
more exciting additions to come. (And we have the Galactic Knights
trooping in costume!)

The show is presented by comedian Helen Keen, star of Radio 4’s space
comedy It Is Rocket Science. The evening is co-organised with Matt
Brown, editor of, a former editor at Nature and all
round space geek.

Audience members are encouraged to come dressed in a space costume –
anything from full-on fancy dress to a tin-foil wristband. There’s
also a unique opportunity to get onstage with an audience
show-and-tell, so bring your Millenium Falcon/alien autopsy
footage/any other spacey goodness.

Helen Keen’s Spacetacular runs at Leicester Square Theatre on Sunday
27 January 2013. Tickets are now available here:

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