Seduction of the Innocent 9

Originally published in Matrix 187 on 14.03.2008

  • Alan Moore introduced John Constantine in the comic book series, Swamp Thing,
  • The character was given his own comic book series in 1988.
  • The series was going to be titled Hellraiser, but was renamed before publication due to Clive Barker’s unrelated film release around the same time.

"Seduction_of_the_innocent" How hard can it be for a comic company to release graphic novels in sequence? A comic is released regularly each month and can be popular with more mature readers, as can the less frequent graphic novel. Isn’t it obvious that the series would be repackaged in graphic novel format? You would think so, but one of DC’s most famous dark characters, John Constantine, has really only been collected sequentially in the last few years. Before this, the comics have been erratic.
Luckily, the stories do not always suffer. As with Batman and EastEnders, it’s important sometimes to forget what has gone before so that the excitement remains current and we don’t overload the brain with mind-damaging amounts of horrific history.

Hellblazer has had many authors

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