Paul S. Kemp set to write third book for Angry Robot

Paul S. Kemp, author of The Hammer and the Blade, the first in his Tales of Egil and Nix series of sword and sorcery fantasy adventure novels has signed up with Angry Robot to pen another book.

The second in the series, A Discourse in Steel, will be published in June of next year with the final installment, tentatively titled A Conversation in Blood, scheduled for Summer 2014. Angry Robot Editor Lee Harris was quoted as saying: “The Hammer and the Blade has proven to be one of our most popular titles of 2012, so it was an easy decision to ask Paul to write more in that world. Sword and Sorcery is alive and well and living in Paul S Kemp’s brilliant Tales of Egil and Nix series.”

Paul S. Kemp gave his own thoughts on the matter: “I don’t know about you, but my pink parts are all tingly! Wait, is that too much information? Uh, sorry. So, anyway, continuing my relationship with the metallic overlords? Check. Writing more stories in the sword and sorcery sub-genre I love? Double check. The long and short of it? I’m smiling. Hugely. I’ve had so much fun writing about Egil and Nix, and have had such positive feedback from readers who’ve had a blast, too, that I’m just delighted to have the opportunity to write more of their adventures. Huzzah!”

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