PAINTWORK – Augmented Reality, Art, Alienation and Corporate Culture,Twisted in Bristol Fashion


From the pen of BSFA-shortlisted writer, Tim Maughan, comes PAINTWORK: a short film based on his original short story, produced in association with Arc Magazine.

Set in near-future Bristol – the city that brought us Banksy (in the near-past) – it follows augmented reality graffiti artist 3Cube as she illegally transforms an advertising billboard into a work of high-tech street art. The film focuses on the relationships between technology, advertising and the control of public spaces.


The creators claim that Chris Marker’s 1962 film La Jetée was a major influence and Paintwork similarly uses still black and white photography to tell the story. For this, the talents of photographer, Laurie Eagle, were employed as well as Alan Tabrett’s skills in computer animation. Audio is provided by two stalwarts of the Bristol music scene in the form of narration by MC Koast and an exclusive soundtrack from influential dubstep producer Forsaken. Based on the title short story from Maughan’s critically acclaimed collection, Paintwork was premiered in an early form in February as part of the arts festival Sonic Acts in Amsterdam.

Paintwork6With this film, Maughan’s story is itself augmented, offering us a distinct taste of city noir; the urban grimness juxtaposed with the crispness of monochrome imagery, rooting this futuristic tale in the uncannily familiar.

But don’t just take my word for it. The film is available to watch right here.


Arc Magazine is a digital quarterly imprint from New Scientist, featuring fact, fiction and opinion concerning the future.

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