New SF comedy play – Pilgrim Shadow


PILGRIM SHADOW is a new science fiction comedy play by Steve Jordan, running from 29th July to 3rd August 2013 at the Tristan Bates Theatre at 7.30pm. The show stars Cliff Chapman and Adam Joselyn.

The year is – the future. Tyler and Gary are two petty criminals who are down on their luck. When the infuriatingly happy-go-lucky Gary is caught stealing a space craft, the pair find themselves in hot water and on the run. Tyler is dismayed (though not surprised) at his idiotic partner; but there’s a silver lining – the stolen ship is the Pilgrim, the vessel of legendary treasure hunter Tim Shadow. Can they follow the clues onboard to locate Shadow’s lost treasure? If they evade capture and escape with their lives, they could be very rich men. That’s if they don’t double-cross and doom each other to death and destruction first…

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