Han Song London Meeting 10.10.2012

Han Song, one of China’s premier science fiction authors and the recipient of the Chines Galaxy Award six times, recently visited London making a special appearance at the BSFA meeting on Wednesday. BSFA Chair, Ian Whates had this to say:

Han Song London meeting

Han Song proved an excellent guest at yesterday’s ‘special’ London meeting.  This is Han’s first visit to the UK and he admits to considerable excitement at being in what he terms ‘the birthplace of modern science fiction’.  (Not sure how our American cousins would react to that, but I’m certainly not about to argue.)

Bearing in mind the short notice for this meeting, there was a decent turn out, and those present were treated to some fascinating insight into what it’s like to be an SF writer in China, and on the Chinese perspective on genre fiction as a whole.

Han spoke good English, though his delivery was understandably deliberate and thoughtful.  When he lost confidence in his command of our language, interpreter Antoaneta Becker was on hand to translate from the |Mandarin.  Many thanks to Lavie Tidhar for his intelligent questions, and to all at the British Council for facilitating Han’s visit to our shores.

Ian Whates


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