Gareth Wigan, Star Wars exec-producer, dies aged 87

Gareth Wigan, Hollywood executive producer, died this weekend aged 87, following a brief illness.

Born in London, Gareth made the move to Hollywood in 1970 becoming an executive for Twentieth Century Fox. He was involved in the production of a number of successful films; most notably for sci-fi fans with films such as Star Wars and Alien.

In ’79, along with Alan Ladd Jr and Jay Kanter, he helped form The Ladd Co. where he was involved in producing Chariots of Fire and The Right Stuff. Gareth then moved on to work with Columbia producing films such as Air Force One and The Age Of Innocence. He was also a strong supporter of foreign films and directors.

George Lucas called him "one of the most kind and thoughtful executives I’ve ever worked with…a real supporter of great talent". Ang Lee says "Gareth Wigan was a unique figure in the movie business…a true English gentleman".


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