Camden People’s Theatre will hold the FUTURESHOCK Festival over the next few weeks. With its futuristic themes and big questions, Futureshock festival is a platform for Britain’s most exciting new theatre artists to stage their visions of the worlds to come. Will human beings escape their own minds and bodies, and fuse with machines? Is the end of the world nigh – and if so, how will it feel? Futureshock features theatre, poetry, cabaret and ‘scratch’ nights.

Programme includes:

Angel Cake by Amy Draper – an intimate show that tells the delicate story of the end of the world, using tea & partygames

Defrag_ by Tom Lyall – a futuristic performance imagining the development of humans & our relationship with technology

This is a Reconstruction by MayDay Theatre – from the emerging MayDay comes an anarchic tale of how it all ended, a right song & dance that’s apocalyptic on all levels

Every Rendition on a Broken Machine by Ross Sutherland – a live commentary exploring the linguistic capabilities of automatons via Star Trek, JG Ballard and Clarissa Explains it All.

Scatter Like Ash by Plunger – a collection of stories told around the fire after something terrible has happened.

For more information and tickets go to http://cptheatre.co.uk/ or http://futureshockfestival.wordpress.com/

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