Fun in Fiuggi

Eurocon 2009 happened from 26th to 29th March 2009 in the pleasant spa town of Fiuggi not far south of Rome, just before the season commences and hotel prices soar and the many luxury shops get on selling 500 Euro designer handbags and such.

As usual, the Italian National Convention (Italcon 35, in this case) for professionals and fans who read fantascienza, as SF is known in Italy, linked up with media fandom (Deepcon 10), causing the presence of Star Trek, Voyager, DS9, FarScape celebrities such as the lively Marina Sirtis (who supports Tottenham Hotspur), and likewise Lolita Fatjo, as well as Janet and Larry Nemecek, Anthony Simcoe, Ka D’Argo, and Max Grodénchik; while the SF side weighed in with Sergey Lukyanenko who smokes two impressive curved pipes, sage Bruce Sterling who abides in Turin, amiable Mary Turzillo and Geoffrey Landis, Italian editorial luminary Giuseppe Lippi, and me. Plus surrealistic Roberto Quaglia, who launched, together with myself, what may be the first ever full-length fiction work by two authors with different mother tongues, The Beloved of My Beloved (Newcon Press), receiving its UK launch at the Bradford Eastercon (shameless plug!). In fact Roberto ended up being laureated by Eurocon 2009 as Best European Author, while Boris Sidyuk of Ukraine was hailed as Best Promoter (Boris ran the Eurocon in Kiev a couple of years ago); Best Translator being Flora Stagliano of Italy, Best Artist Franco Brambilla likewise of Italy, Best Publisher Metropolis Media of Hungary, and Best Magazine Nova SF of Sweden. The Swedes also won the bid to host the 2011 Eurocon in Stockholm. Actually, I’m not sure that anyone was bidding against them, so it’s a jolly good thing they were willing and eager, handing out Swedish delicacies at the Eatcon (not to be confused with Eastercon) following on the Gala Dinner on the Saturday night

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