Fans sought for BBC film

Chloë Penman of the BBC has contacted the BSFA with an interesting request. She writes:

I’m the researcher on a new BBC landmark series about the history of Science Fiction, the series will be shown this spring on BBC America and later in the year in the UK on BBC2.

To accompany the UK series we are making an exclusive short film for the BBC’s iPlayer – a 20 minute programme all about British SF fans.

We are looking to find a broad range of willing contributors all of whom representing, in their own way, the full breadth of British SF fandom. We are looking for people who can talk eloquently about the genre, but more specifically about what SF means to them. We would like people to tell us about why Science Fiction is so important in their lives, what doors it
has opened for them and why, as a genre, it inspires such a lively conversation with its audience.

I’m looking for people who can give me a personal take on their relationship with Science Fiction, real stories about the power of Science Fiction.

Many Thanks,

Chloë Penman, Researcher
History of Science Fiction, BBC Arts
BBC Bristol, Broadcasting House, Whiteladies Road, Bristol, BS8 2LR
Tel: +44 (0)117 974 6890

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