Danny Elfman: Paint it Black.

"Graduate, with Honours, American College of Hard Knocks" with post-graduate studies at "Nose to the Grindstone University." So composer, vocalist, band member, dachshund owner and straight talker Danny Elfman describes himself. To most though, he is the extraordinary mind behind many of the seminal film and television scores of the last twenty years – Beetlejuice, "Beetlejuice" The Simpsons, Edward Scissorhands, Batman, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Darkman, To Die For, Good Will Hunting, Desperate Housewives, Spiderman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Milk, and Terminator Salvation being only a handful. From gothic orchestrals to rock to electronica to choral music to jazz, Danny has an unbounded gift for transmuting the emotions and aesthetics of a work of celluloid into music. His talent has attracted some of Hollywood’s biggest names

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