Mailchimp Problems

As many of you will know, we’re currently in the process of establishing our members newsletter. This will go out every month and communicate to members their membership number and renewal date.

We intend to continue the non-members newsletter, which will contain similar content.

Unfortunately, during the transition, some issues have come up, most notably a problem between the BSFA’s Mailchimp account and several mail servers, one of which appears to be Gmail. This means when we write the newsletter and send it, Mailchimp tells us it has been sent and got through, but members report that they have not received it.

This problem is clearly not the fault of the sender or the receiver. The technology is failing us somewhere along the line, so we will continue to try and fix this.

Interestingly enough, despite this, there has actually been a reported 7% improvement on the opening of the emails with the newsletter in, which is encouraging, but lots more needs to be done.

In the meantime, the non-member’s newsletter for September will be sent out today and a link to the contents will be posted here on the website so all interested parties can access it.

The link is here –

Apologies for the reference to ‘August’ in the above link, that is my error.

We will continue to post the newsletter up in this way along with other website updates until we are confident the matter is fixed.


Registrations re-enabled, spammers blocked (with any luck)

Hi all. You may remember that I disabled self-registration on the site not long before Christmas. Well a few days ago I had three or four new members asking me how they could register on the site (welcome, new people). So I decided it was time to activate registrations again.

We got over two hundred registrations in the following three days. Two Hundred! I like to think that the BSFA has a popular site, but, come on.

So I researched WordPress plugins, and found that the plainly-named Stop Spammers plugin should be our friend. I’ve just installed it, and we’ll see how it goes.

Now, the plugin describes itself as “very aggressive”, so there’s always the danger of false positives. By which I mean, it might detect an IP address as a source of spam, when that address is in fact perfectly innocent.

So if you find the site behaves strangely; if you find you can’t log on; if you try to register and are stopped (and you’re not a spammer): please let me know.

You can email me via webadmin at