BSFA TweetFiction TweetStream 2013

…Good SF and Fantasy written in less than 140 characters?
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Impossible! Or is it?

Take the challenge, take part in the @BSFA’s



And get your tweet considered for streaming at the BSFA Awards Ceremony and inclusion in future BSFA publications!

The Tweetstream

  • is free to enter, of course

  • each author is allowed multiple entries

  • is open to writers of any age and nationality, including professional authors and BSFA Committee members.

Story Format Suggestions & Encouraged Behaviour

  • Stories can be in any language! But must fit entirely into a single tweet.

  • Submissions should be original – they should be the sole work of the author/s in whose name they are submitted

  • Stories can be Science Fiction or Fantasy – we encourage a broad definition of what those terms mean.

  • Stories should not feature characters/locations/ etc. that are part of other copyrighted works &emdash; i.e.nothing set in the universes of Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, etc.

  • Please include the hashtag #tbsfa &emdash; which leaves 134 characters for creativity

  • Simply tweet your story (including the hashtag #TBSFA as stated above, we’ll pick it up)

  • Unless notified to the BSFA via the use of #tbsfa will be assumed to grant permission for the BSFA to reproduce at the awards ceremony or within future membership publications.


  • Of course entries could commence any time but we would encourage entries to coincide with Eastercon so we would suggest start posting from midnight Wednesday March 27th 2013.

  • We would suggest the closing date for submissions is midnight (GMT) on Tuesday April 10th 2013.

  • If anything is unclear, or if you have any questions, please email

Have fun & JOIN IN !

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