BSFA Awards: the Shortlist

It’s finally here!

The British Science Fiction Association (BSFA) is delighted to announce the shortlist for its annual BSFA Awards for works first published in 2013. The BSFA has been running the awards since 1970, awarding the first Best Novel award to John Brunner’s 1969 novel Stand on Zanzibar.


The 2012 BSFA Award Winners

The BSFA Awards draw on nominations from their membership, and in the case of the Best Novel Award are open to UK publications only.

Best Novel

God’s War by Kameron Hurley (Del Rey)

Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie (Orbit)

Evening’s Empires by Paul McAuley (Gollancz)

Ack-Ack Macaque by Gareth L. Powell (Solaris)

The Adjacent by Christopher Priest (Gollancz)

Best Short Fiction

Spin by Nina Allan (TTA Press)

“Selkie Stories are for Losers” by Sofia Samatar (Strange Horizons)

“Saga’s Children” by E. J. Swift (The Lowest Heaven, Pandemonium)

“Boat in Shadows, Crossing” by Tori Truslow (Beneath Ceaseless Skies)

Best Artwork

Cover for Tony Ballantyne’s Dream London by Joey Hi-fi (Solaris)

Poster for Metropolis by Kevin Tong (

“The Angel at the Heart of the Rain” by Richard Wagner (Interzone #246)

Best Non-Fiction

Wonderbook by Jeff VanderMeer (Abrams Image)

“Going Forth by Night” by John J. Johnston (Unearthed, Jurassic)

“Sleeps with Monsters” by Liz Bourke (

The winners will be announced in a ceremony at the Satellite4 Eastercon convention the Crown Plaza Hotel, Glasgow Sunday 20th April 2014. BSFA Prize-winners will receive a coveted BSFA trophy. Also in the ceremony will be the annual James White Award announcing its short story competition winner.

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About Donna Scott

Chair of the BSFA since June 2013. Prior to this I was Awards Administrator, taking over that role from Claire Briarley in 2008. I am officially Donna Bond since getting married in May 2013, but continue to write and perform under my previous name, Donna Scott. My short fiction stories have been published in various anthologies and magazines, and I was winner of the inaugural Short Cuts at the MAC in 2005. As a comedian, I have performed all over the UK. Comedy has also given me the opportunity to perform alongside big names like Sarah Millican and Jasper Carrott! As a poet, I've also performed all over the place, including lots of science fiction conventions, and sometimes my poetry and comedy get kind of mixed up. I was the first official Bard of Northampton, it's true. I've got a tankard that says so... I love being a part of the BSFA - I've always been a devourer of books and being part of this association has enabled me to explore some great science fiction classics - and classics of the future, that I might otherwise have not heard about. I've met some lovely people with an enthusiasm for the genre, made firm friends, and got to meet some of my favourite writers, too! As a writer, I also have to say that FOCUS is the best magazine for writers I've ever come across - and as a member I get that for free. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this?

26 thoughts on “BSFA Awards: the Shortlist

  1. Out of interest, why are there just four works shortlisted in the Short Fiction category, and only three each in the Artwork and Related Work categories? Were there multiple ties for fourth/fifth place?

  2. Is there a reason why there’s five novels, but only four short stories and three pieces of artwork and non-fiction on the shortlist?
    And is this going on the BSFA’s Twitter account? I see a lot of people talking about it on Twitter, but I can’t see an official tweet of the announcement.
    Cheers, Patrick.

    • Hi Patrick, I personally am unable to tweet this at the moment, though I’m sure someone will very soon… This blog post was scheduled… we are working on automatic posts to social media from this news blog – almost there with that one!

      The shorter lists in some categories are due to too many titles getting one nomination less each to make a feasible shortlist. We aim for the closest number to 5 in each category.

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