BSFA Award Nominations – another update

Many thanks again to all those who have nominated so far.

Members have until 11th January to get their nominations in and can find all the rules and regulations of what to do here.

Here follows a list of items that have received at least one eligible nomination to date. It’s getting longer, but just because a title is on the list, it doesn’t make it safe. We’re looking for the top 5 in each category, and every nomination counts.

Best Novel

Title Author surname Author First   Name Publisher
The Drowned Cities Bacigalupi Paulo Atom
The Hydrogen Sonata Banks Iain M. Orbit
The   Teleportation Accident Beauman Ned Sceptre
Dark Eden Beckett Chris Corvus
Helix Wars Brown Eric Rebellion
Folly of the   World Bullington Jesse Orbit
Title: Through   the Valley of the Nest of Spiders Delaney Samuel R. Magnus Books
The Sigil   Trilogy Gee Henry ReAnimus Press
Empty Space: a   Haunting Harrison M. John Gollancz
Ison of the   Isles Ives Gilman Carolyn ChiZine Publications
Intrusion Macleod Ken Orbit
Transmission Meaney John Orion
Railsea Mieville China Macmillan
The Broken Isles (Legends of the Red Sun   4) Newton Mark Charan Tor
Channelskin Noon Jeff Amazon Media
Jack Glass Roberts Adam Gollancz
2312 Stanley-Robinson Kim Orbit
Entanglement Thompson Douglas Elsewhen Press

Best Short Fiction

Title Author surname Author First Name Publication Publisher
The Green Beukes Lauren Armored Baen Press
One Way Ticket Brown Nigel Interzone #239 TTA Press
Flight of the   Ravens Butler Chris Immersion Press
Conquistadors Cairns Iain Rocket Science Mutation Press
One Day in   Time City Cleary David Ira Interzone #241 TTA Press
On 20268   Petercook Duncan Andy April
Forests of   Eden Counihan Elizabeth PS
Immersion de Bodard Aliette Clarkesworld #69 Clarkesworld
Ship’s Brother de Bodard Aliette Interzone #241 TTA Press
Let’s   All sing Like the Birdies Sing Di Filippo Paul Daily Science Fiction
Dancing on the   Red Planet Ellingsen Berit Rocket Science Mutation Press
The   Grinnell Method Gloss Molly Strange Horizons
Attenuation Harkaway Nick 1.2 Arc Magazine
Shuffle Hill Will Magic: An Anthology   of the Esoteric & Arcane Solaris
A Hundred Ghost Parade   Tonight Jia Xia Clarkesworld #65 Clarkesworld
Not Because   They are Easy Kepfield Sam S Rocket Science Mutation Press
Song   of the Body Cartographer Loenen-Ruiz Rochita Philippines Genre   Stories, June Philippines Genre   Stories
Limited   Edition Maughan Tim 1.3 Arc Magazine
Pathfinder McGrath Martin Rocket Science Mutation Press
Three   Moments of an Explosion Mieville China Rejectamentalist   Manifesto
A Biosphere   Ends Palmer Stephen Rocket Science Mutation Press
Trauma Pod Reynolds Alaister Armored Baen Press
Lune and the   Red Empress Reynolds, Williams Alastair, Liz ODYSSEY 2010 SOUVENIR   BOOK
What did   Tessimond Tell You Roberts Adam Solaris Rising 1.5 Solaris
Adrift on the   Sea of Rains Sales Ian Whippleshield Books
Courtship in   the Country of Machine Gods Sriduangkaew Benjanun Future Fire 24 Future Fire
The Complex Swift E. J. Interzone #238 TTA Press
A Spotted   Trouble at Dolor-on-the-Downs Tanzer Molly A Pretty Mouth Lazy Fascist Press
Volwys Thompson Douglas Albedo One
A   Lexicon of Steam Literature of the Third Reich Tidhar Lavie website
Choosing Faces Tidhar Lavie 1.3 Arc Magazine
The Indignity   of Rain Tidhar Lavie Interzone #240 TTA Press
I Dream of   Ants Tidhar Lavie Murky Depths
The   Lord of Discarded Things Tidhar Lavie Strange Horizons
Tiger   Stripes Vo Nghi Strange Horizons

Best Art

Title Artist surname ArtistFirst Name Publication Publisher Associated   writer
cover Baldwin Ben Dark Currents Newcon
cover Baldwin Ben Forests of Eden PS Publishing Elizabeth counihan
The Hermit Baldwin Ben Interzone #241 TTA Press
cover Fangorn Stories From the   Northern Road Newcon Tony Ballantyne
cover Harbour Charlie The Flight of the   Ravens Immersion Chris Butler
cover Harman Dominic Saving for a Sunny   Day Newcon Ian Watson
cover Harman Dominic Helix Wars Rebellion Eric Brown
cover Hi-Fi Joey Thy Kingdom Come Jurassic London Simon Morden

Best Non-Fiction

Title Author surname Author First   Name Publication Publisher
Living Architecture Armstrong Rachel TED   Books
The Complexity of the Humble Space Suit Burnham Karen Rocket Science Mutation Press
Do   Metaphors Dream of Literal Sleep? Erikson Steven Not   Your Grandmother’s Epic Fantasy: A fantasy author’s thoughts upon reading The   Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature: 1 NYRSF
Distrust That Particular Flavour Gibson William Viking
The Blind Giant Harkaway Nick John   Murray
Marvel Comics: The Untold Story Howe Sean Harper   Collins
Dancing on the Ruins Ings Simon 1.3 Arc   Magazine
The Cambridge Companion to Fantasy Literature James,   Mendlesohn Edward,   Farah Cambridge   Univeristy Press
The   Widening Gyre Kincaid Paul Los   Angeles Review of Books
The   shortlist Project Kincaid Speller Maureen website
Cowardice,   Laziness and Irony McCalmont Jonathon Ruthless   Culture
London’s   Overthrow Mieville China Westbourne   Press
A Ray of Sunshine Patterson Bill Rocket Science Mutation Press
Hull 0; Scunthorpe 3 Priest Christopher website
Breaking the Fall Raven Paul   Graham 1.1 Arc   Magazine
Pornokitsch Shurin;   Perry Jared;   Anne website
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Chair of the BSFA since June 2013. Prior to this I was Awards Administrator, taking over that role from Claire Briarley in 2008. I am officially Donna Bond since getting married in May 2013, but continue to write and perform under my previous name, Donna Scott. My short fiction stories have been published in various anthologies and magazines, and I was winner of the inaugural Short Cuts at the MAC in 2005. As a comedian, I have performed all over the UK. Comedy has also given me the opportunity to perform alongside big names like Sarah Millican and Jasper Carrott! As a poet, I've also performed all over the place, including lots of science fiction conventions, and sometimes my poetry and comedy get kind of mixed up. I was the first official Bard of Northampton, it's true. I've got a tankard that says so... I love being a part of the BSFA - I've always been a devourer of books and being part of this association has enabled me to explore some great science fiction classics - and classics of the future, that I might otherwise have not heard about. I've met some lovely people with an enthusiasm for the genre, made firm friends, and got to meet some of my favourite writers, too! As a writer, I also have to say that FOCUS is the best magazine for writers I've ever come across - and as a member I get that for free. Who wouldn't want to be a part of this?

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