This year’s British Science Fiction Association Annual General Meeting is being held online on Discord. The Agenda and links to attend are included below:

BSFA Annual General Meeting

23rd of August at 2.30pm until 5.30pm. To be held online.

Discord Link –


1. Chair’s Report.

2. Proposal of New Constitution.

New Constitution Proposal

Old Constitution Original 

Old Constitution (OCR)

Guide to New Constitution Changes

The new constitution is being proposed for adoption and acceptance by the Association with immediate effect.

3. Submission of BSFA Accounts.

Agenda item to be led by the BSFA Treasurer.

4. Nomination and Election of Membership Officer – Luke Nicklin.

Elected a BSFA Councillor under a temporary mandate at the EGM. Luke Nicklin has been performing the duties of the membership officer over the last six months and is overseeing the transition to the new website and new database.

5. Nomination and Election of other roles.

These roles to be specified as indicated.

6. The BSFA President.

7. Diversity and Anti-Racism Motions. Proposed by Jo Lindsay Walton.

Introductory document

List of motions under item 7:

i) This Association resolves to offer support-in-kind to BAME fans of science fiction.

ii) This Association resolves to offer financial support to BAME convention-goers.

iii) This Association resolves to consult with BAME members of the UK science fiction community.

iv) This Association resolves to create the role of Diversity Officer, and for this to be an elected role.

v) This Association resolves to make charitable donations to anti-racist causes.

8. Proposals of Thanks and Acknowledgements

9. Any Other Business.

We will be conducting business using Discord’s audio channel, with a text chat channel also available for members to ask questions if they would prefer to type rather than speak.

We will be using a dot system (..) to recognise members when they want to ask a question and we will be recording the proceedings for ease of producing the minutes afterwards.

The procedure for this is below:

Standard etiquette in these meetings is to stay on mute until you’re the one speaking.

We’ll be recording the audio channel for the purposes of getting the minutes right. Everyone will be made aware of this. The recording will go to Luke for doing this and then deleted.

We’ll be operating a dot system on Discord. This means you type a dot in the chat room and that indicates you have raised your hand to ask a question. As soon as there’s a moment for that question, I’ll give you the floor. You can either say it in the audio channel or type it out and we’ll read it out and try to answer it.

With regards to motions, the process is fairly straightforward. Things are proposed, then seconded. If there is no objection, the motion is carried. If there is an objection, we go to a floor vote. To poll these I’ll be asking people to indicate their vote in the chat channel. If there are questions about a specific area of the BSFA that someone wants to answer, again, dot system. Type two dots and I’ll give you the floor.

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