BSFA Award 2011 Nominations…so far

BSFA Awards – the nominations so far!

Since the nominations opened officially in September 2011, we have received and checked the following works  – but we need more. Keep sending your nominations in.

Best Novel

Title Author surname Author First Name Publisher
Kings of Eternity Brown Eric Solaris
Heaven’s Shadow Cassutt, Goyer Michael, David S. Tor
The Final Days Gibson Gary Tor
The Ironclad Prophecy Kelleher Pat Abaddon
Cyber Circus Lakin-Smith Kim Newcon Press
Savage City McDougall Sophia Gollancz
Embassy Town Mieville China Macmillan
Mr Fox Oyeyemi Helen Picador
Hell Ship Palmer Phillip Orbit
The Islanders Priest Christopher Gollancz
 The Demi-Monde: Winter Rees Rod Quercus
By Light Alone Roberts Adam Gollancz
The Testament of Jessie Lamb Rogers Jane Sandstone Press
The Noise Revealed Whates Ian Solaris
City of Hope and Despair Whates Ian Angry Robot


Best Short Fiction

Title Author surname Author First Name Publication Publisher
The Silver Wind Allen Nina Interzone 233 TTA Press
Smoke City Barzak Christopher Asimov’s (April/May)  
Day 29 Beckett Chris Asimov’s (July)  
Tell Me Everything Butler Chris Interzone 233 TTA Press
The Copenhagen Interpretation Cornell Paul Asimov’s (July)  
Danilo Emshwiller Carole Asimov’s (Sept)  
Widows in the World Grant Gavin J Strange Horizons (2 parts)  
The Man Who Bridged the Mist Johnson Kij Asimov’s (Oct/Nov)  
Tidal Forces Kiernan Caitlin R Eclipse 4 ed. Jonathan Strahan Nightshade Books
Valley of the Girls Link Kelly Subterranean Press  
Tying Knots Liu Ken Clarkesworld #52  
Covehithe Mieville China The Guardian  
A Soldier of the City Moles David Engineering Infinity ed. Jonathan Strahan Solaris
The Thick Night Moraine Sunny Strange Horizons  
Follow That Cathedral! Owens Gareth The Immersion Book of Steampunk Immersion Press
A Response from EST 17 Purdom Tom Asimov’s (April/May)  
Tethered Rivera Mercurio D. Interzone 236 TTA Press
Of Dawn Robertson Al Interzone 235 TTA Press
The Ever-Dreaming Verdict of Plagues Sanford Jason Interzone 236 TTA Press
Corn Teeth Tem Melanie Asimov’s (August)  
Jesus and the Eightfold Path Tidhar Lavie Immersion Press  
A Glass of Shadow Williams Liz A Glass of Shadow Newcon Press


Best Non-Fiction

Title Author surname Author First Name Publication Publisher
Out of This World: Science Fiction but not as we Know it Ashley Mike Out of This World: Science Fiction but not as we Know it British Library
Wiscon, Stories and Ontological Blackness Broaddus Maurice Wiscon Chronicles 5, ed. Nisi Shawl  
Fool to Believe: Remarks on Some Short Stories By Pat Cadigan Cheney Matthew Strange Horizons  
Review of Deathless by Catherynne Valente Denault Matt Lingua Fantastika (3 parts)  
In Praise of Joanna Rowling’s Hermione Granger Series Doyle Sadie Global Comment  
Speculative Fiction as Postcolonial Critique in Ghostwritten and Cloud Atlas Dunlop Nicholas David Mitchell: Critical Essays ed. Sarah Dillon Gylphi
Review of The Arthur C Clarke Award shortlist Hartland Dan Strange Horizons (2 parts)  
Review of Arslan by MJ Engh Nussbaum Abigail Asking the Wrong Questions  
Frankenstein, Mary Shelley Roberts Adam SF Mistressworks  
SF Mistressworks Sales Ian SF Mistressworks  
Hyperbolic Futures Shaviro Steven Cascadia Subduction Zone 2  
Moonlight bright as a UFO abduction’: Science Fiction, Present-Future Alienation and Cognitive Mapping Stephenson William David Mitchell: Critical Essays ed. Sarah Dillon Gylphi
Notes From Coode Street Podcast Strahan Jonathan  
Remediations of ‘Japan’ in number9dream Tensor Posodas Baryon David Mitchell: Critical Essays ed. Sarah Dillon Gylphi
(Re)Producing the View from Nowhere: a reaction to Wiscon 34’s Reproductive Health Panel Velazquez Maria Wiscon Chronicles 5, ed. Nisi Shawl  


Best Art

Title Artist surname ArtistFirst Name Publication Publisher Associated Author
Cover Gay Melissa Jesus and the Eightfold Path Immersion Press Lavie Tidhar
Cover Harbour Charles The Immersion Book of Steampunk Immersion Press  
Cover Harman Dominic The Noise Revealed Solaris Ian Whates
Cover Holland-Keen Vincent SIM Anarchy Books Andy Remic
A Song of Ice and Fire 2012 Calendar Picacio John A Song of Fire and Ice 2012 Calendar Random House George RR Martin
Cover Sudworth Anne A Glass of Shadow Newcon Press Liz Williams
Cover Unknown Unknown By Light Alone Gollancz Adam Roberts
Cover Unknown Unknown After The Apocalypse Small Beer Press Maureen F. McHugh
Cover Unknown Unknown The Dark and Hollow Places Gollancz Carrie Ryan
Cover Unknown Unknown Three Messages and a Warning Small Beer Press eds. Chris Nakashima-Brown and Eduardo Jimenez Mayo
Relics Wagner Richard Interzone 234 TTA Press  


Any comments, questions?

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