British science fiction and fantasy: a panel

As announced last week on Torque Control, the BSFA is carrying out a survey of British
science fiction and fantasy writers, updating an earlier survey carried out in conjunction with the Mexicon III convention twenty years ago.

As a sort of launch for the survey, at the BSFA/Science Fiction Foundation joint AGM event on Saturday 27th June, there was a panel to discuss some of the questions asked in the survey, chewing over how writers perceive their work — in terms of genre, and in terms of
Britishness — and how others perceive it. The panelists were Nick Harkaway, Paul Kincaid, Paul McAuley, Juliet McKenna, and Kit Whitfield, with Niall Harrison moderating. We’re pleased to be able to present a recording of the panel, which you can listen to below, or download as an mp3 file from

Any writers who are interested in participating in the survey should contact Niall Harrison.
The deadline for responses will be August 16th, 2009.


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