Better Late Than Never!!

""Editorial by Ian Whates, Lou Anders, Peter Crowther and Samantha Smith

After an overlong hiatus, we’re delighted to be able to start the Matrix ball rolling once more! The ever-willing John Harvey has stepped in to man the breach left in lay-out and production by Kim’s departure and we have others waiting in the wings, making us confident that this is not a one-off appearance but rather marks a return to regular issues. So, welcome one and all to the first Matrix of 2009!

Sadly, we’re returning to a far less bright and optimistic world than the one in which Matrix last appeared. Publishing has been affected by the recent economic upheavals as has every other area of society, with word of massed redundancies from the US, small presses such as Elastic and Pendragon ceasing publication, imprints such as Solaris being put up for sale, magazines such as the long-established Realms of Fantasy closing, and even that flagship of genre publications Fantasy and Science Fiction moving to a reduced bi-monthly publishing schedule

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