Ritual Crime Unit – E.E. Richardson

ritual crime unitRitual Crime Unit: Under the Skin is the first in a new series of urban fantasy police procedurals marking not only the beginning of a new series for Abaddon Books but also a different way of publishing. Mainly available in e-book format, Under The Skin is available in limited numbers as a physical edition.

A tough, hard-nosed career officer in the male-dominated world of British policing, DCI Claire Pierce of North Yorkshire Police heads Northern England’s underfunded and understaffed Ritual Crime Unit. Ignored by the traditional police, struggling with an out-sized caseload, Pierce is about to tackle her most shocking case so far.

The Doctor and the Dinosaurs – Mike Resnick


Described as a ‘Weird West Tale’ that mixes an alternate Wild West with magic and steampunk, Mike Resnick has blended history and fantasy into a thoroughly entertaining novel.

The time is April, 1885. Doc Holliday lies in bed in a sanitarium in Leadville, Colorado, expecting never to leave his room again. But the medicine man and great chief Geronimo needs him for one last adventure. Renegade Comanche medicine men object to the newly-signed treaty with Theodore Roosevelt. They are venting their displeasure on two white men who are desecrating tribal territory in Wyoming. Geronimo must protect the men or renege on his agreement with Roosevelt. He offers Doc one year of restored health in exchange for taking on this mission.

Welcome to the birth of American paleontology, spearheaded by two brilliant men, Edward Drinker Cope and Othniel Charles Marsh, two men whose genius is only exceeded by their hatred for each other’s guts. 

Now, with the aid of Theodore Roosevelt, Cole Younger, and Buffalo Bill Cody, Doc Holliday must save Cope and Marsh not only from the Comanches, not only from living, breathing dinosaurs, but from each other. And that won’t be easy.

Limit – Frank Schatzing

limitHugely popular in his native Germany, Frank Schatzing’s Limit is a serious, heavyweight tome of a sci-fi novel. Praised for his brilliant characters and expansive, epic storytelling, Schatzing’s work asks questions about the nature of humankind’s future.

In 2025, entrepreneur Julian Orley opens the first-ever hotel on the moon. But Orley Enterprises deals in more than space tourism—it also operates the world’s only space elevator, which in addition to allowing the very wealthy to play tennis on the lunar surface connects Earth with the moon and enables the transportation of helium-3, the fuel of the future, back to the planet. Julian has invited twenty-one of the world’s richest and most powerful individuals to sample his brand-new lunar accommodation, hoping to secure the finances for a second elevator.
On Earth, meanwhile, cybercop Owen Jericho is sent to Shanghai to find a young female hacker known as Yoyo, who’s been on the run since acquiring access to information that someone seems quite determined to keep quiet. As Jericho closes in on the girl and the conspiracy swirling around her, he finds mounting evidence that connects her to Julian Orley as well as to the entrepreneur’s many competitors and enemies. Soon, the detective realizes that the lunar junket to Orley’s hotel is in real and immediate danger.

On The Steel Breeze – Alastair Reynolds


A British Sci-Fi master, Alastair Reynolds has produced another awe-inspiring epic tale. Loosely connected to the author’s earlier Poseidon’s Children, his latest work reads as a stand-alone novel. On The Steel Breeze intertwines two stories, set light years apart and is crafted with consummate skill, resulting in a brilliant hard sci-fi novel.

An epic vision of our journey into deep space.

Hundreds of years from now mankind will finally inherit the stars. A fleet of holoships is heading towards the nearest habitable planet at 15% the speed of light. In massive asteroids turned into ships, tens of millions of people are heading towards a new home. A home that bears signs of an ancient alien civilisation.

No-one knows what they will find when they get there in 90 years. But the main problem is that the ships will have to break the laws of physics to be able to stop. And the research into ways to stop risk the ships themselves. Has mankind squandered the utopia of years past?

Sci-Fi meets Lucha Libra!

On September 16, 2013, Producer/Director C.M. Landrus turned to Lucha Libre and
sci‐fi fans for an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for a new sci‐fi, Lucha Libre film,
Mission, starring the legendary luchador, Mil Mascaras and featuring “American
Horror Story: Asylum” cult sensation, Naomi Grossman, best known for her
portrayal of the AHS fan favorite, Pepper.

Trekking through the jungle in search of a meteorite, Mil Mascaras and the Professor
come across a village ravaged by gruesome attacks. The remaining village
missionaries lead them to what turns out to be an alien spaceship landing site. As
the attacks persist, only Mil Mascaras and uncover the dark truth behind the alien
visit and with the help of his friends, save the human race.

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Creating Suspense in Storytelling with Julie Myerson and Jonathan Myerson


A Weekend Course on High Tension Narratives:

The Less You Know, The Better The Story

Taught by Julie and Jonathan Myerson

A two-day creative writing workshop held at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh, 25th and 26th October 2013

Suspense in literature and film is the key ingredient that keeps readers reading and viewers watching.But how do writers create suspense?  How do they hook their audience and keep them hooked?

We’ve all read novels that made us jump out of our skin and we’ve all felt that creeping sense of dread which means we don’t really want to turn the page….even though we have to! We’ve all sat glued to the cinema screen, not wanting to watch but unable not to watch. The power of words (and all movies start as words on a page too) to invoke the suspenseful and the sinister can be extraordinary, but just how do authors generate these moments?

The Writers’ Academy from Random House, in association with Hammer Books and Films, is holding a creative writing workshop to teach the techniques that will allow writers to find those high-anxiety moments.  Over the course of two days, participants will look at the key structural essentials and tricks of the trade and, through a series of examples and exercises, they will learn how to generate suspense, tension and anxiety for readers or audiences.  Although writing requires planning, it also requires the writer to not know, and to understand how to share that unknowingness with the reader: the less you know, the better the story.

DARK IMAGININGS: CREATING SUSPENSE IN STORYTELLING will be taught by Julie Myerson, bestselling novelist and author of The Quickening and Something Might Happen, and Jonathan Myerson, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and Director of Creative Writing at City University London.

The course is aimed at both aspiring novelists and screenwriters, in any genre.  The exercises within the classes will develop into a piece of writing over the course of the two days. Up-to-date market information will also be highlighted, and advice given on the best next steps to progressing a screenplay or publishing a novel.

The course is being held in association with Hammer books and films.  The course will be held at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh, a former asylum.

Places on the course are limited to 15 and cost £375 each to include Hotel du Vin Bistro lunch and refreshments over the two days and a rewarding glass of wine!  Preferential rates at Hotel du Vin Edinburgh are offered for the dates of the course alongside the purchase of a place. Full details can be seen at www.thewritersacademy.co.uk

The importance of Writing Groups

Whether you’re starting out as a writer or you are someone with more experience, having a support network to read, critique and advise you on your work can be hugely valuable.

Over at Fantasy Faction, a great website filled with reviews and articles, Adrian Faulkner has taken a look at the subject of writing groups, interviewing the BSFA’s own Terry Jackman about the Orbits group.

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