Alien artifacts or space junk? Get a piece of the auction.

As reported by the BBC, self-proclaimed meteorite chaser Robert Elliott is auctioning 171 piecee of space artefatcs.

As well as buying and selling, Rob has spent many years hunting for meteorites in the hot deserts, mainland Europe, and also much closer to home in the British Isles. Two notable British meteorites stand out from his successful meteorite hunting finds: the Glenrothes meteorite (lot 70), which he found in Fife in 1998, and the particularly rare Hambleton meteorite (lots 122 & 123) discovered in North Yorrkshire in 2005. These remain the only meteorites that have ever found by chance in the United Kingdom.

Other items of note include: Wold Cottage (lot 32), a witnessed fall in Yorkshire in 1795 which became a major piece in gaining acceptance that stones do sometimes fall from the sky; the

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