Across the Dickian Multiverse

Hal Duncan interviewed by Tony Keen.

Tony Keen: I’ve been led to believe that all I actually need to do is say "So, Hal, what have you got to say for yourself?" and sit back for the next hour and a half, but I think I probably have to doa bit more to earn my crust. So, lead author interview and lead short story in the twenty-fifth anniversary issue of Interzone, ahead of stories by Mike Harrison, Gwyneth Jones, Al Reynolds – how chuffed are you then?

Hal Duncan: Pretty fucking chuffed. What can I say? I did a litle happy dance. It’s Interzone. I think I said in that interview that the first issue I ever bought was way back, I think the date was maybe ’86 or ’84, and the first story that I read in that was Ian Watson’s "Jingling Geordie’s Hole" [TK: 1986]. Holy fuck! From then on I read it for a while, and Interzone to me defined what fucking science fiction is. I didn’t even know that the title came from William Burroughs. I discovered William Burroughs after reading Interzone. But the name is just so appropriate. To me that was a majorforce in starting to think about writing weird shit; not just space opera, not just fantasy, but that weird ass tuff which is just fucking anything. So being in the twenty-fith anniversary of Interzone, that was just fucking cool.

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