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The BSFA was initiated by a group of fans in 1958, and was soon established and run as an official national body by readers, authors, booksellers and publishers with the aim of appreciating and encouraging science fiction in every form. Many famous authors, critics, editors and publishers have been members through its history and many more continue to be today. Being a member of the BSFA puts you in touch with like-minded people across the country and beyond; whilst linking you to a rich tradition and enabling you to contribute to a vibrant future.


The BSFA Committee is not a mysterious clique or a hard-to-enter social circle, we’re just the people who have volunteered to produce the BSFA’s publications or do the work that keeps the organisation thriving.

At the moment the committee includes:

Donna Scott (Chaircontact

Chair of the BSFA since June 2013. Prior to this I was Awards Administrator, taking over that role from Claire Briarley in 2008. I am officially Donna Bond since getting married in May 2013, but continue to write and perform under my previous name, Donna Scott. My short fiction stories have been published in various anthologies and magazines, and I was winner of the inaugural Short Cuts at the MAC in 2005. As a comedian, I have performed all over the UK. Comedy has also given me the opportunity to perform alongside big names like Sarah Millican and Jasper Carrott! As a poet, I’ve also performed all over the place, including lots of science fiction conventions, and sometimes my poetry and comedy get kind of mixed up. I was the first official Bard of Northampton, it’s true. I’ve got a tankard that says so… I love being a part of the BSFA – I’ve always been a devourer of books and being part of this association has enabled me to explore some great science fiction classics – and classics of the future, that I might otherwise have not heard about. I’ve met some lovely people with an enthusiasm for the genre, made firm friends, and got to meet some of my favourite writers, too! As a writer, I also have to say that FOCUS is the best magazine for writers I’ve ever come across – and as a member I get that for free. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this.

Martin Potts (Treasurercontact

Aged 11 I sat in English class staring at the cover of Arthur C Clarke’s “Of Time and Stars” and after subsequently reading that collection there was only ever one genre for me. I soon discovered Asimov and EE Smith and have loved epic space opera and hard SF ever since but I also discovered Simak and Bradbury and grew to love humanistic SF and then via Tolkein, Donaldson and Gemmell fell in love with Fantasy. As well as reading Clarke aged 11 I also watched the original release of Star Wars and was blown away by it, whilst getting my weekly fix of Star Trek on BBC2 and any SF I could listen to on Radio 4 (including H2G2). Thus my love and appreciation of SF spans all categories, all media and all eras. I became Treasurer back in 2003 and still consider it a great honour. I review very occasionally but consider myself simply a reader and a fan.

David Lally (Membership secretarycontact

Tony Keen contact

Tony Keen was brought into sf by Doctor Who, a Chris Foss cover seen in the library, and a family friend’s collection of ‘Doc’ Smith and Asimov. He currently is responsible for the BSFA Lecture, an annual history/humanities lecture given at Eastercon. From 2008 to 2011, he was London meetings organiser. He has written articles and reviews for Vector. He will teach a course on Fantastic London for the University of Middlesex in Summer 2012, and is Chair of the 2013 Science Fiction Foundation Conference. The Unsilent Library: Essays on the Russell T Davies Era of the New Doctor Who, which he co-edited with Simon Bradshaw and Graham Sleight, was shortlisted for the 2011 BSFA Award for Non-Fiction. He is also a member of a mysterious clique and a hard-to-enter social circle.

Terry Jackman (Orbiter co-ordinatorcontact

Jo Lindsay Walton (Vector editor) contact

Polina Levontin (Vector editorcontact

Farah Mendlesohn (Awards administratorcontact

Martin McCallion (Website administratorcontact

Dev Agarwal (Focus editor) contact

Alex Bardy contact

Clare Boothby (Awards administrator)

Suzie Gray (Events administrator)

But we’re always keen to have new volunteers, so if you’ve got new ideas or just want to help us do what we do better, get in touch. We can find work for your idle hands.

If you would like to help, email organisation@bsfa.co.uk, tell us what you’re interested in, and we’ll put you to work.

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