2014 BSFA Lecture

The 2014 BSFA Lecture at Eastercon will be given by Dr Sara-Patricia Wasson (Edinburgh Napier Unversity), and is entitled ‘Trade in flesh and tears: some science fictions of organ harvest′. The lecture will be given at 1.00 pm on Saturday April 19th, in Argyll 2 of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Glasgow. The lecture is open to any member of Eastercon.

Sara-Patricia Wasson is Senior Lecturer in Literature and Culture at Edinburgh Napier University.  She is author of Urban Gothic of the Second World War: Dark London (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), which won the Allan Lloyd Smith Memorial Prize of the International Gothic Association, and co-editor of Gothic Science Fiction 1980-2010 (Liverpool University Press, 2011).  She has a special interest in literary depictions of organ harvesting and tissue economies, and her talk to us is based on this work.

The BSFA Lecture is intended as a companion to the George Hay Lecture, which is presented at the Eastercon by the Science Fiction Foundation. Where the Hay Lecture invites scientists, the BSFA Lecture invites academics from the arts and humanities, because we recognise that science fiction fans aren’t only interested in science.  The lecturers are given a remit to speak “on a subject that is likely to be of interest to science fiction fans” – i.e. on whatever they want!  This is the sixth BSFA Lecture.

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